El Chivo ('The Goat') is what the indigenous Tarahumara of Mexico's Copper Canyons call Ultra Runner Wiill Harlan ever since he won their 50 mile Ultra, a race made famous by the bestseller 'Born to Run.' 

Since Harlan first visited the Tarahumara, who are renown for long distance running and centuries old self sustainability, he's dramatically changed his own family's lives by moving them to an off-the-grid farm. 

El Chivo chronicles Harlan's motivations as an elite athlete, father and husband to live life so deliberately. Conversely it depicts what it is like to be married to such an altruistic, exercise fanatic in the twilight of his athletic career.

Produced by: Gina B. Murphy, Mickey Mahaffey, Todd Lester
Directed by: Rod Murphy
Camera: Rod Murphy, Dylan Trivette, Adams Woods
Edited by: Rod Murphy
Graphics: Mike Lupinacci
Sound Mix: Adam Johnson, Sound Lab Studios  

Color | 16:9
Running Time: 86 mins.