Take a journey with a group of unlikely mountain climbers as they attempt to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.  Through adversity and personal discovery, these hikers come to understand that climbing a mountain, whether literal or metaphorical, is more than just about ‘getting to the top.’

The conversations that arose in pre-production for "We Climb Mountains" were about the desire to have our journey to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro be relatable to a broad range of audiences - to evoke the parallels between the climb and life’s challenges.  It was through this desire that we decided to strip down the approach to a single camera - to create an intimate visual style.  Narratively, we were inspired by Terrence Malick's ability to weave internalized questions into the film.  For us, those questions of doubt, strength, and courage were the centerpiece of our narrative and visual approach.  Ultimately, we hope this documentary serves as an inspiring message for audiences who recognize the enduring spirit needed to face any summit.

Producer: Dylan Trivette & Melanie Trivette
Associate Producer: Rod Murphy
Director of Photography: Dylan Trivette
Editor: Melanie Trivette
Sound Design: Adam Johnson, Sound Lab Studios

Color | 16:9
Running Time: 9:36